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Requiring sex offenders to register in Idaho started in 1993. The law was updated in 1998 to improve the administration of the adult registry system and public access to the information in it. The updated statutes are entitled the Sexual Offender Registration Notification and Community Right-To-Know Act (18-8302). (The juvenile sex offender registry requirements were also modified the same year to include a wider range of registrants.) See the updated statutes in Idaho Code Title 18, Chapter 83, Sections 18-83-01 to 18-83-31.

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Why Is Sex Offender Registration Required?

The Idaho legislature has concluded that the community is at significant risk of repeat offenses by convicted sex offenders. For this reason, the state found the most practical solution to be instituting a central registry for convicted sex offenders. The purpose of the registry is to help solve these several major problems stemming from the high risk to the public that their residency in the State imposes:

  • The legislators found that law enforcement protection of communities is impaired when agencies are limited by insufficient information about sex offenders living in their jurisdictions. 
  • It was also determined that enabling public access to essential information about convicted sex offenders in Idaho was needed to help parents and the community protect children and other vulnerable groups. 
  • Finally, the published information is needed to help organizations that provide services for youths or other vulnerable groups prevent offenders from accessing potential victims through their operations. 

Sex Offender Registration in Idaho

Idaho Code Title 18, Chapter 83, Section 07 requires convicted sex offenders whose sentences include registration in the Idaho Central Sex Offender Registry to comply with the following: 

  1. FORM: Fill in all required information in the registration form the department provides per Code Section 18-8305.1.
  2. PHOTO: Submit to having your photo taken and having your fingerprints and both full palm print impressions taken at the time you register.  
  3. FEE: Pay a fee at the time of registration. (The fee is for maintaining the list of Idaho sex offenders and the system for managing notifications and registration.) The fee amount is:
    1. Violent sexual predator: $50.00 at the first quarter registration, plus $10.00 per registration at each quarterly registration throughout the calendar year. 
    2. All other offenders: $80.00 annually. 

The sheriff may waive the registration fee for indigent registrants. 

The sheriff’s department conducting the periodic registration will confirm that the individual has read, completed, and signed the form. The sheriff’s office will send the form, picture, palm prints, and fingerprints to the Idaho State Police department within the next 3 working days.

IMPORTANT: Under Idaho law, an offender who is required to register in the Idaho Central Sex Offender Registry must not provide false information in the registry.

Registering When You Relocate to Idaho

Subsection 1 below explains the requirements for convicted sex offenders who are moving into Idaho as new residents of the state. Subsection 2 explains the requirements for nonresidents who will stay in the state temporarily to work or attend school:  

New Residents Who are Required to Register

Within the first 2 working days of entering any Idaho county to begin residing there, an offender must register with the sheriff in that jurisdiction. Then, the resident must register according to the requirement for periodic registration. A registrant convicted as a violent sex offender must register every 3 months, and all other offenders must register annually. 

If the individual moves to another jurisdiction, he or she must register within 2 days of moving to the new jurisdiction. The offender’s information will not be removed from the Idaho registry until registration is completed in the new jurisdiction.

Nonresidents Who are Required to Register

In compliance with Idaho Code 18-83-04.1.b, a nonresident of Idaho must register with the sheriff of the county where the individual is employed or is enrolled as a student. Registration must be completed within 2 working days from the start of employment or enrollment in school. 

Earlier registration is required for nonresidents with jobs involving contact with minors. 

Nonresidents working in teaching, counseling, coaching, or any other kind of employment working with or supervising minors must register before the start of such employment. This requirement applies regardless of however brief the term of employment may be.

Notice of Requirement to Register 

Registrants on the sex offender registry will receive periodic notices of the requirement to update their registration: 

  • Quarterly Notice: A violent sex offender will be mailed a notice for quarterly registration to the individual’s most recently reported address, within 3 months from the last date of registration.
  • Annual Notice: All other offenders will be mailed notice for annual registration to their most recently reported address.

Notices for registration are not forwarded.

What to Do When You Receive Your Notice 

The individual is required to appear and register in person at the date and location specified in Idaho Code 18-83 as follows:

Required Registration Date: The individual must complete registration within 5 days from the date the notice to register was mailed.

Required Registration Location: The offender must register each time at the same sheriff’s office where he or she is required to register.

Undelivered Notification: If the notification is returned to the registration authority undelivered, the department will notify the sheriff of the jurisdiction in which the offender was last registered.

How Long is Registration Required?

In Idaho, the full period of inclusion on the sex offender registry is for life. Under Idaho Code 18-83-10, an offender must maintain his/her registration in current status throughout that full registration period. But, an offender may file a petition with the court for release before fulfillment of registration for the full period, per Idaho 18-83-10.

Supplementary Notice of Prohibited Premises

Under Idaho 18-83-27, all written notifications of the requirement to register will also include a supplementary warning. The warning advises registrants that it is a felony offense for them to accept employment, or to be on, or to remain at prohibited premises, except under the conditions specified in 18-83-27. Such prohibited location types are listed in the statute. 

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