Robbery is a felony that carries a minimum sentence of five years and a maximum of life in prison. So, if you are charged with robbery in Idaho, you need to be very clear on your legal rights, the evidence against you, and what punishments prosecutors are seeking in your case. The theft laws are complex, and robbery cases can become especially complicated. You will need the best criminal defense lawyer you can get to protect your rights and fight for you in the Idaho court system.

Contact Sawtooth Defense Lawyers before you give a statement to law enforcement. We can often have charges reduced and sometimes even dropped entirely. 

Robbery Defense Lawyer in Boise, Idaho

What is Robbery?

Under Idaho Code 18-6501, Robbery is a type of theft involving a threat of violence or force in stealing property from someone. There are various types of robbery charges. For example:

  • If a robbery is committed by a person with a weapon, the penalties are increased.
  • If some type of injury or harm is inflicted on a victim, the penalties are more severe. 
  • A defendant can be convicted of robbery even if no theft occurred but the defendant showed a clear intent to steal at the time of the incident. 
  • Further, even if no violence occurred, the defendant can still be convicted of robbery if the victim experienced fear at the time of the incident.

How Is Fear Defined and Proven?

To constitute a robbery crime requires that a victim experiences fear of the perpetrator illegally injuring or harming him or her, damaging his/her property, or harming someone related to the victim or in the victim’s company during the robbery. (Utah Code 18-6502)

What to Expect if You’re Convicted of Robbery in Idaho

In addition to a sentence from 5 years to life in prison, a robbery conviction in Idaho can be very damaging to your life in many other important ways after you are released. It can prevent you from obtaining employment in your chosen field, state professional licensing, educational opportunities, or housing in your chosen neighborhood. The robbery conviction will be on background checks used by prospective employers, housing managers, and others. So, a criminal record can severely limit the future of a person convicted of a felony.  

If you face robbery charges in the State of Idaho, there is too much at stake to risk your freedom and future! You need to retain the best criminal defense attorney available to build the best case for you.

To Fight Your Idaho Robbery Charge

If you have been charged with one of the types of robbery discussed above, we know how unsettling it must be to face the extreme potential penalties. We’re here to protect your rights and build the strongest possible case for your defense. 

Sawtooth Defense Lawyers has a track record of aggressive defense, which is a strategy that has helped us obtain the best possible outcomes for our many clients over the years. So, you can be confident that everything that can be done to protect your freedom and future is being done throughout the legal process to prevent you from going to prison or having a criminal record. 

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