In Idaho, prostitution is a serious offense. A conviction for prostitution in Idaho can alter the course of your future, ruining your plans for your education, employment, family, and happy life. If you are arrested for prostitution, you need to defend your rights by contacting the best available Idaho sex crimes defense lawyer for advice. Sawtooth Defense Lawyers have extensive experience in criminal defense against charges of prostitution and other sex crimes. We’re here to protect your rights and help prevent you from having a record of a criminal conviction.

Our top rated legal team listens carefully to all the details of your case and explores every option in order to build the best possible defense for you. We work immediately to have charges dropped or significantly reduced, then, we will stand with you in court and fight for your future.

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Prostitution in Idaho

Under Idaho law, Title 18, Chapter 56, Section 13, Prostitution, someone is guilty of the crime of prostitution if the individual does one of the following:  

  • Offers to, or agrees to, or does participate in sexual contact or sexual conduct with someone else in exchange for payment.  
  • Occupies a house of prostitution as an inmate there.  
  • Loiters within the view of or inside a public place with the intention of obtaining payment to engage with another person in sexual contact or other sexual conduct.

In Idaho, prostitution is a misdemeanor on the first conviction. However, per Idaho 11-56-13, upon the third offense and on any subsequent convictions for prostitution, it is a felony.


Public Place: A place provided for public access or access by and substantial group.

Sexual Conduct: Sexual intercourse or deviate versions of sexual intercourse.

Sexual Contact: Sexual organs touching, or other intimate body parts touching someone who is not the spouse of the accused, to arouse or gratify either party’s sexual desire.

House of Prostitution: A location in which acts of prostitution or promoting prostitution are performed on a regular basis by one or multiple people (inmates) who are operating under the management, supervision, or control of another person.

Inmate: Someone who engages in acts of prostitution inside a house of prostitution or through the agency of that illicit operation.

Punishments for Prostitution Conviction in Idaho

Even if you are convicted on a misdemeanor prostitution charge in Idaho, you may have to spend a year in jail. If you are convicted of a felony sex crime, you could be sentenced to many years in state prison. 

After you’re released from prison, you can be forced to register as a sex offender and will be permanently prohibited from entering areas where groups of children or vulnerable adults are known to spend time. 

To avoid receiving the harshest punishments for a prostitution conviction, you must present the strongest possible defense. You need an experienced sex crimes defense attorney who is fully familiar with working in the Idaho court system. 

Your lawyer will guide you through the legal process and ensure that all your rights are fully protected. Your attorney will further make sure all court rules are followed so that your case is not damaged due to technicalities. Your lawyer’s job also includes building the strongest possible defense for you and helping you make objective decisions in your best interest. 

Having a skilled Idaho criminal defense attorney on your side can help you keep your freedom and protect your family and your future. 

If You Are Charged With Prostitution In Idaho, Contact Sawtooth Defense Lawyers, Boise, Idaho

Our criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience in sex crime cases in Idaho. We know how to successfully navigate the court process to deliver the best possible outcome of your prostitution defense case. We start by working immediately to have your charges dropped or significantly reduced. 

We’re here to listen to your situation and provide you with the best legal advice and options of strategies for keeping you out of jail and off the sex offender registry.

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