Prescription drugs may seem more acceptable, or somehow less illegal, for people who are abusing them recreationally. Even people supplying prescription drugs to friends or acquaintances may not see it as a serious matter. But, being charged with illegal possession, delivery, or intent to deliver prescription drugs in Idaho, puts you at risk of extreme punishments if you are convicted in this state. So, if you are arrested on charges of prescription drug possession, you need to protect your rights. Your best chance of avoiding conviction or the worst punishment is to work with the best prescription drug attorney Idaho can offer.

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Prescription Drug Charges Defense Lawyer in Idaho

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Prescription Drug Crimes in Idaho

Prescription drugs are illegal to have in your possession without a legal prescription in your name. To possess, use, or distribute prescription drugs without a proper prescription is a crime in Idaho. A conviction can carry a potentially long prison sentence and financially damaging fines.

As discussed above, the seriousness of prescription drug charges is often underestimated. They’re frequently perceived as less significant cases than those involving street drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine. This is much due to the fact that prescription drugs are obtained through healthcare providers. That means of obtaining highly addictive prescription drugs makes these controlled substances convenient options for recreational use and for profit-making distribution.

Prescription Drug Offenses with Serious Penalties in Idaho

The beginning of prescription drug addiction is typically either as simply a casual recreational attempt to obtain a euphoric effect or as a patient using a drug to alleviate pain or another health issue. Then, the usage increases until it spirals out of control. This can lead to conspicuous levels of use that constitute a crime. In other prescription drug cases, the substances are obtained through various doctors for the purpose of illegally distributing the drugs. These crimes have been responsible for the development of an entire illicit prescription drug economy in the United States.

Consequently, prescription drug laws have intensified. Some common types prescription drug abuse charges that carry serious punishments include:

  • Possessing prescription drugs without a legal prescription.
  • Possessing a larger quantity of a prescription drug than the amount of the prescription.
  • Possessing an excessive quantity of a prescription drug, indicating intent to distribute it.
  • Getting a prescription by fraudulent or other illegal methods.

A prescription drug crime charge can be a misdemeanor or felony depending on the type of drugs, the amount of the drugs, how the drugs were acquired, and other details of the case.

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Unlawfully acquiring and possessing prescription drugs can lead to a criminal conviction with devastating consequences. Sawtooth Defense Lawyers, Boise, Idaho, will fully protect your rights, guide you through the processing of your case through the Idaho court system, and provide the most effective defense for you. We are often able to get charges substantially reduced or dropped completely in some cases.

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