The range of behaviors that are defined as lewd and lascivious conduct under Idaho law is extensive. Police apply the charge to many adult actions that they determine are not appropriate involving children under age 16. If you have been charged with this kind of sex crime, that does not mean that you will automatically be found guilty. 

You need to contact an experienced Boise, Idaho sex crime attorney to ensure that all of your rights are protected and provide the legal guidance and aggressive defense you need.

What Is Lewd and Lascivious Conduct in Idaho

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What is Lewd and Lascivious Conduct?

Lewd and lascivious conduct meaning: Under Idaho Code 18-1508, the state's lewd conduct definition is any form of sexual contact with a minor child under age 16, when the offender is acting with the intent to arouse or gratify the passion, lust, or sexual desires of himself or herself, the victim, or someone else of the same or opposite sex. Actions that may lead to charges lewd and lascivious conduct include these, among others:

  • manual-, genital-, oral-, or anal-to-genital contact
  • Causing a minor child to be involved in any act of bestiality
  • Causing a minor child to be involved in any act of sadomasochism (18-1507)

Lewd Conduct with Child Under 16

When you’ve been accused of lewd conduct towards a minor child, it can feel like a hopeless situation. Many times, people facing such charges give up and don’t even try to put up a defense. They’re sure there’s no chance of overcoming the circumstances. If family members are involved, relationships may be irreparably damaged.

You need to defend yourself in the criminal trial process and require the legal system to uphold the presumption that you are innocent until proven guilty. There are many cases in which children later recant the accusations they’ve made. For example:

  • The child may admit he/she wanted the new teacher or stepparent to leave.
  • The child may reveal that he/she was pressured by the other parent in a custody dispute.
  • A false charge resulted from someone overreacting.
  • Someone made a wrong interpretation of events.
  • Someone hastily drew a wrong conclusion based on circumstances.

An experienced sex crimes defense lawyer knows how to investigate and uncover the truth. A top sex crimes attorney may be able to bring the case to a favorable outcome either through negotiations or by helping ensure a fair legal process that affords the defendant the full benefit of the doubt.

Effective Defense Against Lewd Conduct Charges

Many cases of lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor are highly complex, with circumstances involving an array of specifics from which the accusation(s) emerged. All those must be handled individually to analyze the facts of the matter correctly. Every detail of the opposing reports must be evaluated from every vantage point. When any contact with a minor is involved, every action must be clearly understood to determine if details have been misconstrued due to any cause.

You will need a Boise, ID sex crimes lawyer with experience in examining these concerns and thoroughly investigating each bit of evidence and the relationships and other histories that led up to the time of the encounter that generated the legal charges.

Penalty for Lewd Conduct

In Idaho, punishments for sex crimes are extreme. Lewd and lascivious conduct is a felony in Idaho. That means the minimum penalty for conviction of this crime is a sentence of more than one year in prison. The maximum penalty is life in prison. Charges of lewd and lascivious behavior and disorderly conduct or other charges are sometimes filed at the same time. So, it is critically important that you work only with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who have extensive experiences in sex crimes cases and has a good track record in complex legal actions.

Get the Right Lawyer to Fight for Your Freedom!

To defend yourself successfully against an accusation of lewd conduct, you need to understand the charges against you and your legal rights during the criminal trial process. Your future is at stake, so you need the best lewd conduct lawyer Boise, ID, offers to stand with you in court and confront the charges against you. Many lawyers do not take lewd conduct cases due to the unique complexities in the investigations of facts and the emotional challenges. Hire only a top sex crimes attorney who knows how to overcome the cases prosecutors build in these trials.

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