Kidnapping is one of the most serious crimes under Idaho law. There are two classes of kidnapping charges in Idaho. First Degree Kidnapping carries a potential sentence of life in prison or the death penalty. See the description of that crime in the definition below. The several other types of kidnapping charges are all classed as Second Degree Kidnapping, which also carries very long prison sentences. See those crimes described below too. If you are arrested for kidnapping, you should not make any statements to the police until you have received advice from your lawyer.

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Kidnapping Defense Lawyer in Idaho  

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What is Kidnapping in Idaho?

Under Idaho Code 18-4501, these are the types of kidnapping that occur:

  1. Seizing or confining someone with the intention of secretly detaining the person against his or her will.
  2. Enticing, leading, or detaining a child under age 16 with the intention of concealing the child from the person who has legal custody of him/her or of stealing from the child.
  3. Abducting, enticing, or seizing someone forcibly and transporting the person into Idaho.
  4. Seizing, confining, leading, or enticing someone against his/her will with the intent of extorting ransom money in exchange for returning the victim.

Aiding and abetting someone involved in one of the kidnapping crimes listed above is also a serious crime with severe consequences in Idaho.

Punishment for Kidnapping in Idaho

In Idaho, a kidnapping sentence depends on which one of the four types of kidnapping on the list above is consistent with the nature of the illegal act committed. Because all of the types of abduction carry extreme penalties for conviction, in any case of a kidnapping charge, you need to obtain legal help as soon after you are arrested as possible. These are the two classes of crime into which all kidnapping offenses are placed under state law:

  • First Degree Kidnapping

Per Idaho Code 18-4502, the crime of First Degree Kidnapping is any manner of abducting a person for the purpose of causing him/her serious physical injury, obtaining money or something else of value, or for sexual gratification.

1st Degree Kidnapping Sentence: A conviction for First Degree Kidnapping can potentially carry life in prison or the death penalty in Idaho.

  • Second Degree Kidnapping

All other types of kidnapping offenses (18-4504), such as interfering with legal child custody, are classed as Second Degree Kidnapping.

2nd Degree Kidnapping Sentence: This degree of kidnapping offense carries prison sentences of a one-year minimum sentence for kidnapping to a maximum sentence of 25 years.

What Your Kidnapping Defense Lawyer Can Do For You

If you are charged with a serious crime, your lawyer becomes the person standing between your future and the prosecutors who are working hard to prove it should be taken from you. Trials are fraught with risks of defense mistakes that can result in disastrous consequences. Having a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in kidnapping cases, knows the Idaho court system, and can develop a winning strategy may change the trajectory of your life.

For Kidnapping Charges – Sawtooth Defense Lawyers

Being charged with kidnapping can lead to a devastating outcome for you and your family. Sawtooth is one of Boise, Idaho’s leading groups of criminal defense lawyers. We know how to defend your innocence under state kidnapping law and your reputation during the process.

Can kidnapping charges be dropped? Yes, we are often able to have criminal charges substantially reduced or dropped completely in some cases.

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