If you rush outside undressed to set an errant spider free from your bathroom floor or pull over on a side road to urgently urinate in the weeds, you can be charged with indecent exposure. A simple, unthinking action that seems entirely innocent to you is interpreted within a very narrow legal definition of behavior with severe consequences under Idaho law. Therefore, if you find yourself facing a charge of indecent exposure, you will need an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Sawtooth Defense Lawyers, Boise, Idaho, provides the kind of aggressive defense you need in an indecent exposure case.

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Before You Speak With The Police

There are many very different occurrences that might lead to an indecent exposure charge. Some can seem perfectly harmless and very easy to explain to any reasonable listener, but a prosecutor may see things very differently than you do. So, what you say and do in your initial encounter(s) with the police and the prosecuting attorney’s office can radically impact your future.

So, if you are arrested for indecent exposure, you’ll need to speak with a sex crimes defense lawyer about your rights and next steps before you talk with the police. It is important not to assume that law enforcement will naturally see the facts of the matter the same way you do.

Your attorney will ensure that all your rights are fully protected. Your lawyer will be with you during all questioning by law enforcement and guide you every step of the way through the legal process.

What To Do If You’re Charged With Indecent Exposure

If you are accused of indecent exposure under Idaho Code Title 18 Chapter 41 Sec 18-4116, you should contact a well-qualified trial lawyer who have extensive experiences in sex crimes defense. Thinking you can handle the situation on your own can put you in a position to say things that can cause you to get arrested — and convicted!

Your lawyer will protect your rights, build the best possible case for your defense, guide the process through the Idaho criminal justice system, and stand up and fight for you in court. Sawtooth Defense Lawyers, Boise, Idaho, provides the kind of aggressive defense you need in an indecent exposure case.

An experienced sex crimes defense lawyer can sometimes resolve an indecent exposure case before it leads to a trial or a final verdict that may be devastating to your life.

If You Are Convicted Of Indecent Exposure In Idaho

Merely being accused of a sex crime can be very destructive to your professional and personal reputation. If you are convicted, you might be sentenced to a long time in prison and an enormous fine. You will also be required to have yourself added to the Idaho sex offender registry.

Being a registered sex offender in Idaho typically does irreparable damage to a person’s reputation, potential job opportunities, standing in their neighborhood, and their family’s reputation in the community.

Ultimately, the lawyer you choose and the defense built for you are as impactful to the outcome of your case as the events of the incident that caused the charges against you.

Your Best Defense In Idaho – Sawtooth Defense Lawyers?

We are a group of top criminal defense attorneys in Boise, Idaho. We have extensive experience in sex crimes defense. We move quickly and aggressively to have charges dropped or significantly reduced. Our job is to make sure that everything that can be done is done to keep you from going to jail and being required to register as a sex offender.

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