If you have been arrested for an alleged drug offense of any kind in Idaho, the consequences can be very serious. If the charges involve manufacturing methamphetamine or other felony drug trafficking, your future is at extreme risk. Being convicted of illegal drug manufacturing can carry a life sentence in prison. Hiring the most highly experienced and skilled defense lawyer in Boise, Idaho has available to you as soon as possible is the wisest action you can take.

Sawtooth Defense Lawyers have handled many drug cases of all levels. We know what it takes to win acquittals in cases of drug manufacturing charges. We often succeed in having charges reduced, and, in some cases, we can have the charges dismissed entirely.

Contact our office as soon as possible after you are arrested for guidance and to schedule a free consultation to discuss the details of your case.

Illegal Drug Manufacturing Defense Lawyer, Idaho

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Felony Drug Charges in Idaho

Due to the extremely serious nature of drug trafficking, manufacturing drugs, and cultivation crimes, your best option may be to fight all charges against you, even at trial if necessary. For example, in cases involving meth lab, marijuana cultivation, and other serious charges, you may be well advised to go forward with a court trial. Your lawyer must become familiar with the small details of your situation. For example, some questions your Idaho drug crimes lawyer should be asking may include:

  • Have you been involved in any drug manufacturing operation?
  • Did law enforcement utilize confidential informants in your case?
  • What were the informants’ possible motives for helping the police?
  • How did law enforcement obtain entry to your property?
  • Was there a valid search warrant at the time of police entry?

Protect Your Rights and Your Future

Less experienced lawyers are those most likely to try to get any plea bargain possible as their first approach. Whether you face a first offense manufacturing charge or other trafficking allegations, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who first explores grounds for dismissing or substantially reducing the charges against you.

Your lawyer needs to be able to fight effectively to keep you out of jail and protect you from having a record of a criminal conviction. You will decide how your case will be handled, but you need sound legal guidance and a strong Boise ID drug crime defense lawyer with a winning track record to protect your rights and fight for your interests throughout the process.

Facing Drug Manufacturing Charges? Call Sawtooth Defense Lawyers, Boise, ID

As leading Idaho criminal defense lawyers, our aggressive approach in the courts has worked very well, winning cases for many of our clients over the years. We know how to beat a manufacturing charge for an unfairly accused or improperly arrested or incorrectly processed defendant. Our team goes to work immediately to get charges reduced or dropped completely, keep you out of jail, and avoid a criminal conviction record.

If you have been accused of a drug crime in Idaho, call Sawtooth Defense Lawyers at 208) 644-8893 or contact us online to schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your case.