If you have been accused of murder, you may already know that it’s in the top few most serious crimes with which you can be charged. If you are in this predicament, it can seem like a nightmare. But remember, you’re innocent until you are proven guilty. So, it’s not the time to panic or lose hope. You need to take action immediately to protect your rights and defend yourself to the best of your ability. First, you should hire the best criminal defense attorney in Idaho that you can find to protect yourself and start building the most compelling case possible to prove your innocence.

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Successful Approach to Winning Your Case - Four Types of Criminal Homicide

Murder Defined in Idaho

Under Idaho law, murder, also called homicide, is the illegal killing of a person. For the killing to be classed as a homicide, the act must have been done intentionally or the victim must have been in extreme pain for an extended time. Idaho Homicide Criminal Code 18-4003 identifies two levels of murder charges:

First Degree Murder If extreme actions were involved in a homicide, such as poisoning, torture, extortion, or revenge, the charge may rise to the level of a First Degree murder.
Second Degree Murder Any type of murder that is not classed as a First Degree homicide is charged as a Second Degree crime.

Punishments for Murder Conviction

The penalties for a conviction for murder in Idaho are the most serious of any kind in the state:

First Degree Murder: Anyone judged guilty of First Degree homicide can receive a sentence of life in prison or the death penalty.

Second Degree Murder: A conviction for Second Degree homicide can bring a prison sentence of 10 years to life.

Manslaughter Vs. Murder

Manslaughter is defined as illegally killing another person, but without malice or revenge in mind. The three forms of manslaughter charges (under Idaho 18-4006) include:

  1. Involuntary manslaughter
  2. Voluntary manslaughter
  3. Vehicular manslaughter

How An Idaho Criminal Defense Attorney Helps You

At Sawtooth Defense Lawyers, we have helped many clients charged with murder and manslaughter. We protect our client’s rights throughout the legal process. We also make sure all the state laws and rules of the court are followed precisely to avoid the risk of complications due to technicalities.

Our attorneys are highly effective in fighting for people to receive justice in the courts. Our experts perform their own investigation and conclusions to present to the court. We take the case to a jury if necessary to get the very best possible outcome for our client.

Where is the Best Defense Attorney Near Me?

If you are accused of homicide in the State of Idaho, you need the most effective defense attorney you can get — one with the skills and experience to win. As criminal defense lawyers, we’re here to make sure that you receive the fullest advantage of a fair legal process. Our team provides the aggressive legal representation you need and deserve to fight for your future.

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