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If you are facing a charge of a gang crime, you need to protect your rights. Punishments for typical gang crimes in Idaho carry long prison sentences. It’s critical to make sure that the facts of the case are made abundantly clear to the court and that you receive the full benefit of a fair legal process. Work only with an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Boise who knows how to build a winning case against gang crime prosecutions. Sawtooth Defense Lawyers can help you develop the best possible case for your defense.

Idaho Gang Crime Law

With the Idaho Criminal Gang Enforcement Act came severe penalties for people convicted of gang crimes, especially if the illegal acts are part of a demonstrated pattern of gang activity. Gang activity can be interpreted in the Idaho Code 18-85-02 to include committing a crime along with two or more gang members on several occasions. Some examples of crimes usually viewed as being associated with gangs in Idaho include:

Idaho Code 18-85-02: Criminal Gang Enforcement Act

Under Idaho law, a criminal gang is an ongoing grouping of three people or more, whether formally or informally associated, who all identify their group by a common name, symbol, or sign. The members have a pattern of committing individual or group crimes. In fact, one of the group’s main activities is committing one or more of the crimes listed above.

A gang member is someone who meets at least two of the criteria listed below for identity as a criminal gang member:

  1. Admits being a gang member.
  2. Has been identified as a member of a gang.
  3. Associates with identified gang members, dresses like the gang, lives in its area, uses its tattoos, hand signs, etc.
  4. Has already been arrested multiple times while with gang members for typical gang crimes.
  5. Can be identified as a gang member by pictures or other physical evidence.
  6. Has been stopped by authorities while with identified gang members at least 4 times.

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are charged with a gang-related crime, that means you are starting your defense under the weight of evidence that has identified you as a gang member. In other words, the prosecutors have classified you as someone whose lifestyle is involved in criminal gang activities. An experienced defense lawyer will strategize to build the best possible case for your innocence.

An experienced Boise criminal defense attorney can sort out the complexities of the question of your gang membership and your involvement in criminal actions with members of the gang in question. Your lawyer will guide you through the criminal court proceedings and make sure that all state laws and court rules are obeyed during the process. Your gang crimes attorney will also negotiate for a significantly reduced sentence or for dropping the charges against you entirely.

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If you have been accused of a gang-related crime, it is critical that you work with the best criminal defense attorney Idaho can offer you. Contact Sawtooth Defense Lawyers as soon as possible after you are arrested. Do not make a statement to the police until you speak with your lawyer.

We’re here to apply our many years of success in helping people accused of crimes in our region. We can make sure that all your rights are fully protected and that you receive the full benefit of a fair legal process.

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