The Idaho Criminal Code Title 18, Chapter 66, Section 4 explains the actions that constitute the sex crime of Forcible Penetration by Use of Foreign Object. The statute explains that to be guilty of this crime, the perpetrator has willfully caused penetration. Below are descriptions of the specifics of the act that define this crime.

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Criminal Charge: Forcible Penetration by Use of a Foreign Object

A person can be charged with forcible penetration of a foreign object if they use a device to pass through the vagina or anal opening of another individual in an attempt to cause their own sexual gratification under the following conditions:

  • The penetration was against the victim’s will. It was achieved through violence, or use of force, or inflicting duress. Or, the crime was achieved by the perpetrator making threats of immediate great bodily harm to the victim, and the criminal had the apparent physical ability to follow through.
  • The victim is incapable of giving legal consent to the penetration, whether the incapacity is due to permanent or temporary mental unsoundness. Or, the victim was prevented from resisting by intoxication or the incapacitating effects of an anesthetic or narcotic drug.
  • The victim did not know about the activity taking place because they were asleep or unconscious, or unaware, or did not perceive or comprehend that the act happened.

This law does not apply to legitimate procedures for medical treatment, health care, or hygiene.

Penalties for Forcible Penetration with a Foreign Object in Idaho

A person who is convicted of the crime discussed above and described in Idaho Code 18-66-08 (effective through 2021) is guilty of a felony. The punishment for Forcible Penetration of a Foreign Object in Idaho includes being required to register for the Idaho Sex Offender Registry, and up to a life sentence in prison.

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