Criminal felony charges have the potential to change your life for the worse. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side to beat the charge and minimize or even escape penalty. The quality of your criminal defense attorney really does have the potential to dictate your fate. Our legal team has successfully defended cases on behalf of those charged with crimes in Idaho. Our goal is to safeguard your rights, clear your name, and get your life back on track

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An Explanation of Felonies

If you violate the law in Idaho, you will likely be charged with either a felony or a misdemeanor. Felonies are comparably serious, meaning they carry heftier penalties. It is quite possible you will face fines in the range of several thousand dollars or an extended prison stay should you be found guilty of a felony. Examples of felony offenses include but are not limited to assault, rape, and arson.

Felonies are broken down into five classes:

  • Capital Offense
  • Fourth Degree
  • Third Degree
  • Second Degree
  • First Degree

The felony class is also categorized as is determined by the crime’s severity. Therefore, each degree carries its own unique level of punishment.
If you face a First Degree felony, you are the individual suspected of committing the crime.
If you face a Second Degree felony in Idaho, you are suspected of assisting with the crime or helping someone who committed the crime.
With a Third Degree felony the individual charged is suspected to have known about the criminal act prior to its occurrence or assisted in planning the crime.
And in a Fourth Degree felony, the individual is charged with helping the criminal hide the crime.

Felony Penalties

Many felonious actions result in mandatory jail time. Certain felonies are punished with a fine as opposed to a prison sentence. If the law defines the act in question as a felony yet there is no designated penalty, the crime will be punishable by upwards of half a decade in state prison and/or a fine upwards of $50,000. The judge will establish the amount of time spent in prison prior to eligibility for parole. The judge might also establish an indeterminate sentence beyond this minimum, meaning a period of time that does not extend beyond the legal maximum for the crime in question. Parole is a possibility during this period of time.

If the act caused financial loss, the judge might force you to pay restitution along with a civil fine. However, Idaho does not group-specific felonies into unique classes for sentencing purposes. Felonies have specific maximum sentences based on the crime in question.

As an example, if you are found guilty of robbery in Idaho, you will face a mandatory minimum of five years in prison with the potential for life in prison. Aggravated battery has the potential to result in 15 years in prison. Theft of property worth in excess of a thousand dollars has the potential to spur a penalty of 1-14 years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Felony Attorneys

Selecting a felony attorney is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration. A felony charge is a serious offense that can have severe consequences, including jail time and a criminal record. Here are some important things to consider when selecting a felony attorney.
  • Experience and Expertise - One of the most critical factors to consider when selecting a felony attorney is their experience and expertise. Look for an attorney who has extensive experience in handling felony cases and who specializes in criminal law.
  • Reputation - Another crucial factor to consider when selecting a felony attorney is their reputation. Look for an attorney who has a good reputation in the legal community and who is known for their professionalism, integrity, and commitment to their clients.
  • Communication Skills - Effective communication is essential when working with an attorney.
  • Availability - Select an attorney who is available to handle your case promptly and efficiently. A felony charge requires urgent attention, and you need an attorney who can respond to your needs quickly.
Felony attorneys are legal professionals who specialize in handling criminal cases that involve serious offenses. These offenses are typically considered more severe than misdemeanors and can result in a significant prison sentence or hefty fines. Therefore, felony attorneys are responsible for representing clients who have been charged with a range of crimes, including but not limited to:
  • Homicides: A felony attorney may represent clients charged with murder, manslaughter, or any other type of homicide-related crime.
  • Drug crimes: Felony attorneys may represent clients charged with drug trafficking, drug possession, or drug distribution.
  • White-collar crimes: These typically involve financial crimes such as embezzlement, fraud, or money laundering.
  • Sex Crimes: These include sexual offenses such as rape, sexual assault, and child pornography.
  • Robbery and burglary: Felony attorneys may represent clients charged with breaking into a property, theft, or armed robbery.
  • Kidnapping: A felony attorney may represent clients charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, or any other type of abduction.
  • Aggravated Assault: These offenses involve physical harm to another person, and a felony attorney may represent clients charged with aggravated assault or battery.
  • Weapons charges: Felony attorneys may represent clients charged with illegal possession or use of a weapon.

If you are facing felony charges in Idaho, it is essential to choose an attorney who has experience in handling similar cases and who can provide you with the best possible defense.
If you have been charged with a felony, hiring a felony attorney can help you in the following ways:
  • Protecting Your Rights: A felony attorney will ensure that your constitutional rights are protected. This includes your right to remain silent, your right to a fair trial, and your right to legal representation.
  • Case Evaluations: A felony attorney will analyze the charges against you and the evidence that the prosecution has against you. They will identify weaknesses in the prosecution's case and build a strong defense strategy to challenge the evidence and protect your rights.
  • Negotiating Plea Bargains: If the evidence against you is strong, a felony attorney may negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution to reduce the severity of the charges or the potential sentence. This can help you avoid a lengthy trial and harsh penalties.
  • Litigation: If your case goes to trial, your felony attorney will represent you in court, presenting evidence, cross-examining witnesses, and arguing on your behalf to prove your innocence or mitigate the charges and potential sentence.
  • Sentencing: In the event that you are found guilty, your felony attorney can help you with sentencing. They can provide evidence to mitigate the punishment, such as showing evidence of rehabilitation, and work to minimize the damage to your life and future opportunities.
First and foremost, it’s important to understand that a felony attorney’s primary goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for their client. This may involve negotiating with the prosecution to reduce charges or seeking alternative sentencing options. However, it’s important to note that every case is unique and there are no guarantees in the legal system.
The potential for charge reduction will largely depend on the specific circumstances of your case and it’s important to note that not all criminal charges can be reduced, and there may be instances where going to trial is the best course of action. In these cases, a skilled felony attorney will be able to mount a strong defense on your behalf and work tirelessly to achieve a favorable outcome.