It is against Idaho law to use extortion or threats to compel others to act in ways you require or provide you with some financial benefit, or something else of value you demand from them. The Idaho state government takes extortion allegations very seriously and has abundant resources for an in-depth investigation to learn the details of your conduct.

An extortion penalty in Idaho can be severe. If you have been charged with extortion, you can expect the state to already be building their best case against you. You could also face federal criminal charges, which can carry even more extreme punishments.

If you are charged with extortion, you need the best extortion defense lawyer Idaho has available to you. Contact Sawtooth Defense Lawyers in Boise for a review of your legal case and a discussion of your options.

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What is Extortion in Idaho?

Extortion is acquiring money, or something else of value, or gaining control of the actions of another person by threatening the victim or someone else with consequences for failing to comply. This crime is a felony in all 50 states.

(A straightforward threat to injure the victim physically if he/she does not comply is generally prosecuted as a robbery crime, not as an extortion.)

Here are the common modes of extortion:

Extortion by Bribery in Idaho Offering a bribe is a crime involving giving money or something else of value to someone for the purpose of influencing the actions of an individual who is in some position of legal or public trust. Accepting a bribe is also a crime.

Extortion by Blackmail in Idaho
Blackmailing is extortion by threatening to disclose secret or confidential information that would be damaging to the victim’s or another person’s or organization’s reputation if released. The information might be either true or false and it is not necessarily about criminal activity. The threat may be to expose embarrassing information, which, again, maybe either true or false, to the victim’s family, employer, friends, or the public.

The perpetrator can be prosecuted for extortion even if he/she does not succeed in extorting the demanded money or anything else of value from the victim.

Penalties for Extortion in Idaho

Under Idaho extortion law, individuals who are charged with extortion may face serious penalties. Idaho Code calls for extortion punishment in these potential forms and amounts:

  • Large fines (in some cases, as much as $10,000)
  • State prison sentence
  • Restitution for the victims

You will also have a permanent criminal record if convicted of extortion in Idaho, which may make it difficult to obtain a job in your preferred field and bar you from other opportunities.

How an Extortion Defense Lawyer Helps

If you are facing extortion charges in Idaho, you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney with experience in extortion cases.

  • Having an effective lawyer will ensure that all your rights are fully protected.
  • Your attorney will also ensure that all the circuit court’s rules and time requirements are strictly obeyed throughout the criminal trial process.
  • Your lawyer will ensure that everything that can be done is done to protect your freedom and your future.

So, having the best extortion defense lawyer Boise ID offers can make the difference between serving a lengthy prison term and going free to return to living your regular life. Depending on the details of the case, an experienced criminal defense attorney can sometimes have the charges dropped completely or significantly reduced.

Idaho’s Best Extortion Defense Lawyers

Sawtooth Defense Lawyers, Boise, Idaho is one of the state’s leading legal defense teams. We have a deep understanding of Idaho extortion law and the vast history of extortion cases and precedents. We know precisely what prosecutors need to achieve to obtain a conviction. Our team provides the comprehensive, aggressive defense needed to fight and win your case.

If you are under investigation for extortion or have already been indicted, call Sawtooth Defense Lawyers at (208) 644-8893, or contact us here online for an appointment.