Being charged with a crime involving a minor child in Idaho, regardless of guilt or innocence, can have devastating consequences for the accused. Even if you're confident that the legal process will ultimately prove your innocence, you will need to hire an experienced Idaho criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible to ensure that all of your rights are protected.

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What is Child Enticement, Under Idaho Law

To entice means to tempt or attract by offering some benefit. Title 18, Chapter 15, section 1509 of the Idaho statutes describes the crime of Enticing children and the punishments for this crime. The law applies both to minor children and to "vulnerable adults."

The statute explains the Idaho enticement law, as below. The behavior of the accused must meet these specifications to qualify as a criminal act:

Either successful or attempted enticement of a child:

  • to leave her/his school or home, or
  • to go into a vehicle, building, structure, enclosed space, or alley,
  • To cause the child to be out of public view,
  • without permission from the child's custodial parent, or from someone else with custody of the child, or from the Idaho state government, or one of its authorized agents.

To see the penalties in Idaho for Enticement of Children, search "enticing a minor sentence Idaho" or click one of the links in this section:

Misdemeanor - This crime is classed as a misdemeanor. Conviction of the crime is punishable by imprisonment in municipal or county jail for a maximum of 6 months, or by up to a $1,000 fine, or both.

Felony - A second offense is charged as a felony with punishable prison time in the state penitentiary for a maximum of 5 years.

The law does not apply to a child's lawful detention or providing the child with assistance or aid.

Enticing of Children and Additional Criminal Charges

Enticing a child is a serious crime. In Idaho, child enticement charges can have others added along with it, depending upon what kind of action the child was allegedly being enticed to do. For example, the enticing of minor charges may be combined with kidnapping charges or with charges such as enticing a child to participate in child prostitution or perform pornographic acts.

The degree of the penalty assessed in cases of guilty verdicts is based on what happened and on what the accused plausibly intended to do.

Enticement of a minor, also known as luring, is a criminal offense that occurs when an adult attempts to induce, solicit, or lure a minor into engaging in conduct, such as a sexual act or criminal activity, that is against the law. It is illegal in Idaho for an adult to entice a minor.

If you or a loved one has been accused of enticement of a minor, it is important to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

What Charges Can Someone Face for Attempting to Entice a Minor in Idaho?

The Sawtooth Lawyers understand the serious nature of enticing minor charges and the life-altering consequences a conviction they can bring. In the state of Idaho, the enticement of a minor (18-6-406) is a felony and can be punished with up to life in prison. The charge reads as follows:

“Any person who shall by any means attempt to entice, allure, persuade, or invite any minor under the age of eighteen (18) years, to an unlawful sexual act or to an attempt or preparation to engage in any unlawful sexual act, shall be guilty of a felony.”

In addition to potential incarceration, an individual found guilty of enticement of a minor could face fines, sex offender registration, and other consequences that can have a long-term impact on their life.

At Sawtooth Lawyers, we are committed to helping our clients protect their rights and fight these serious criminal charges. If you or a loved one is facing charges of enticement of a minor, do not hesitate to contact our experienced Boise criminal defense attorneys for a confidential consultation.

Are Enticement of a Minor and Enticement of a Child Federal or State Crimes?

In general, the enticement of a child or minor is a federal crime under the United States Code, which makes it illegal to use any form of communication, such as the internet, to persuade, induce, or entice a minor to engage in sexual activity. This offense is commonly referred to as "enticement of a minor for sexual purposes" and is punishable by a maximum of life imprisonment. However, the enticement of a minor can also be prosecuted as a state crime depending on the laws of the state in which the offense occurs. While many states have their own laws that criminalize this offense, they are often based on federal laws and carry similar penalties to those at the federal level.

It is worth noting that the enticement of a minor is a highly complex offense that requires a high level of legal expertise to successfully prosecute. If you or someone you know has been accused of this crime, it is crucial to seek the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help navigate the complex legal system and protect your rights.

Enticing a Minor Over the Internet

Enticing a minor over the internet is a serious offense and can result in severe penalties. In the state of Idaho, it is illegal to use any electronic device or communication medium to entice, lure, or persuade a minor to engage in any unlawful sexual act or criminal activities. This offense is often associated with child pornography, sex trafficking, and online grooming.

If you or a loved one has been charged with enticement of a minor, it is crucial to seek legal representation immediately. At Sawtooth Defense Lawyers, our criminal defense attorneys have the experience and knowledge to defend your rights in Idaho and fight for your freedoms. Contact us today to schedule a free no-obligation consultation in Boise, Idaho.

What Do I Do if I am Charged With Enticing a Child or Enticement of a Minor in Boise, Idaho?

Even if there is abundant evidence indicating innocence, and regardless of how strong your reputation is in your community, you are at severe risk of severe legal consequences if you are found guilty. You will need to obtain an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Idaho to defend your rights.

You should only work with a lawyer who has a track record of success in this class of cases to strategize and build the strongest possible case for your defense in the Idaho criminal court system. Having the best criminal defense attorney Idaho has available to you when you face a serious charge is critical. If you have been charged with enticement of a minor in Idaho, an experienced Boise criminal defense lawyer may be able to keep you out of jail, get the charge reduced, and possibly get the charge dropped completely.


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