The crime of Dissemination of Obscene Materials to Minors is detailed in the Idaho legal code Idaho Title 18, Chapter 15, Section 18-1515. This is a sex crime in the state of Idaho that carries serious penalties if you are convicted, including a potentially long prison sentence and a fine in the thousands of dollars. If you are accused of this serious criminal offense, do not wait. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to act quickly to defend your rights and start building the best possible defense.

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What is Dissemination of Obscene Materials to a Minor?

Under Idaho Code 18-1515, Disseminating Material Harmful to Minors is a crime. Per the statute, an individual is guilty of this offense if he or she has knowingly given or made any of the items on the list below available to a minor child. This crime is also committed if someone has promoted or possessed such materials with the intent of promoting them to minors. The crime is also committed when someone knowingly lends or sells any item such as these to a minor for money:

  1. A photo, picture, drawing, motion picture film, or a sculpture.
  2. A visual image or representation resembling an item listed in #1 above.
  3. A whole or partial image of a nude person.
  4. An image of sexual conduct.
  5. An image of sadomasochistic abuse that is harmful to minor children.
  6. A magazine, book, or pamphlet, or other printed material, reproduced in any way, that contains material as described in #1 above.
  7. An explicit, detailed narrative account or verbal description of sexual conduct or excitement.
  8. An explicit, detailed narrative account or verbal description of sadomasochistic abuse that is, in its totality, harmful to minor children.
  9. A sound recording that contains any audio material of a nature described in #2 above.
  10. Any other photographic, illustrative, audio, or other material in any medium or of any nature that is determined to be harmful to minors.

What Kinds of Content are In Obscene Materials?

If the offensive content is in a motion picture format (i.e., on film or video media), providing it to a minor is a crime if it fits one of the following descriptions: It portrays nudity, sexual activity, or sadomasochistic abuse, and is harmful to minors, and if the adult knowingly:

  1. Shows the presentation to a minor in exchange for money. The law applies to this action if it is done by selling the child a ticket to the motion picture presentation. It also applies if an adult allows a child onto premises where the content is being viewed or will be viewed.
  2. Displays the content for the minor without monetary compensation or provides the child with an admission ticket or pass to the showing of the harmful content.
  3. Allows the child on the premises for the presentation of the offensive content.

Penalties for Providing Obscene Materials to a Minor

Disseminating obscene audio or visual material that is harmful to a minor child is a misdemeanor in Idaho. This crime is punishable by a sentence of up to 1 year in the county jail, or by a fine of up to $1,000, or both.

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