If you are charged with crimes against nature in Idaho, you need to know how this kind of crime is defined and what to expect if you are convicted. There are very specific acts that all fall under the state’s otherwise very general definition of the crime.

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What Is A Crime Against Nature?

According to Idaho Code Title 18 Chapter 66 Sex Crimes 18-6606, a Crime Against Nature is defined as any act of “sexual penetration, however slight.” This refers to penetration in a sex act of a kind that is illegal in Idaho. Below is a list of those punishable sexual acts.

Specific Acts Defined as Crimes Against Nature

Per the Idaho Criminal Jury Instruction (ICJI) 920, the specific sexual acts listed below are legally prohibited in Idaho. Under ICJI 920, for a defendant to be found guilty of the “Infamous Crime Against Nature,” the State of Idaho prosecution is required to prove that:

  • The defendant penetrated the oral or anal opening of another person with a penis. Or,
  • The defendant’s oral or anal opening was penetrated by the penis of another person. Or,
  • The defendant penetrated the oral, anal, or genital opening of an animal with a penis. Or,
  • The defendant’s oral, anal, or genital opening was penetrated by the penis of an animal.

Courts’ Interpretations of Crimes Against Nature

The finding by a court that “some penetration, however slight,” must occur in order to commit the crime against nature” is clearly reflected in the Idaho law in Code 18-6606. However, the entire range of specific sexual acts to which that law applies is much less clear.

In the most conspicuous example of this legal ambiguity, Idaho courts are inconsistent on whether the law against the Crime Against Nature also prohibits cunnilingus. See a list of cases with findings that conflict with one another on this point in ICJI 920.doc.

Punishments for Crimes Against Nature in Idaho

Idaho 18-6605 explains the penalty for Crimes Against Nature. Under Idaho law, whether the crime is committed against a human or animal, the punishment is imprisonment in the state prison for a minimum of five years.

Why You Need A Lawyer If You’re Charged With This Crime

If you are facing charges of a Crime Against Nature or other felony sex crime in Idaho, your freedom and your future are at serious risk. You need to work with the best Boise Idaho felony defense lawyer who have extensive experiences in sex crimes. Your attorney will make sure that all your legal rights are fully protected and will build the strongest possible defense for you.

How Sawtooth Defense Lawyers Can Help

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