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Law Against Sexual Contact with a Prisoner in Idaho

Under Idaho Code Title 18 Chapter 61 Section 10, the act is classed as a felony crime if one of the following occurs. 

  • An employee with the Idaho Department of Correction, the juvenile corrections department, or other states correctional facility, or county, city, or private facility (Idaho 18-101A) has sexual contact with:
  • A prisoner, whether an adult or juvenile, in-state or out-of-state, is not the employee’s spouse. 
  • A supervising officer (Idaho 18-101A) has sexual contact with a person on probation or parole who is not the officer’s spouse.

What Does Sexual Contact Mean?

Under Idaho law, as it applies to Idaho Code 16-6110, sexual contact is defined as one of those types of bodily contact between people of the same or opposite sex:

  • manual-genital contact
  • oral-genital contact
  • genital-genital contact
  • sexual intercourse
  • manual-anal contact
  • anal-genital contact
  • oral-anal contact

Punishment for Sexual Contact with a Prisoner

With the U.S. federal Prison Rape Elimination Act in 2003 came tougher state laws a year later, in 2004, protecting prisoners in Idaho. As a result, a person convicted of sexual contact with an adult or juvenile inmate in an Idaho correctional facility is guilty of a felony sex crime. The individual may receive a sentence of up to life in state prison. 

If you have been arrested and charged with this serious offense, you need to defend your rights by contacting the best felony sex crimes lawyer Idaho has available to you. An experienced Boise, ID criminal defense attorney can ensure all your rights are fully protected and build the most compelling case possible to protect your freedom and future.

DOC Worker Charged for Sexual Contact with Prisoner

Here’s a real example of a recent case involving an employee with the Idaho Department of Correction: In 2020, a correctional officer, Miranda Ackerman, was charged with illegal sexual contact with an adult inmate in an Idaho prison a felony. If convicted, Ackerman, age 29, a resident of Nampa ID, may face a sentence of up to life in prison.

If You are Charged with a Sex Crime in Idaho 

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