Being charged with burglary in Idaho is a very serious situation for a defendant. If you are facing trial on this charge, you will need the best burglary defense attorney Idaho has available to you. This kind of case requires providing a highly effective defense to the court. Burglary may involve any of a wide range of scenarios that could easily have been misunderstood. You are innocent until proven guilty, and you deserve the best possible defense you can get to protect all your rights and offer an excellent case for dropping charges or acquittal to the court.

Sawtooth Defense Lawyers are often able to have charges substantially reduced or even dropped completely in some cases. We focus on criminal law. Sawtooth lawyers are well experienced in defending people on burglary charges. When necessary to protect our client fully, we prepare to take the case to a jury.

Defense Attorney in Idaho - Burglary Definition in Idaho

What are The Elements of a Burglary Charge?

These are the four elements of a crime that fits the burglary definition. Each of these must be involved in the case for a person to be found guilty of burglary:

  • Breaking and entering: Entering a building or partially entering it by force, fraud, or other unauthorized ways.
  • Unauthorized entry: Entering a building without permission from the property owner or legal resident.
  • Building and structure: Entering a building or structure, like a house, garage, shed, etc., possibly not including just entering a fenced area.
  • Intent to commit a crime: The elements required to constitute “intent” must have applied to the defendant’s mindset. Otherwise, the defendant’s actions could not have amounted to a crime.

Burglary Sentencing Guidelines in Idaho

Under Idaho Code 18-1403, if you are convicted of burglary in Idaho, you can receive a sentence of up to 10 years in state prison. If you used explosives in committing the crime, the sentence can be enhanced to increase the prison time to a maximum of up to 25 years. The court considers the level of seriousness of the criminal act, for example, whether weapons were involved, or if anyone was injured.

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing trial for burglary in Idaho, you must protect your freedom and your future. Your criminal defense attorney makes sure that all of your rights are fully protected during the legal process. Your lawyer will also work to build the best possible case for your acquittal. Your burglary defense attorney may be able to have your charges significantly reduced, depending on the circumstances of the case. In some situations, an experienced lawyer can have charges dropped completely.

If You’re Facing Burglary Charges, Call Sawtooth Lawyers

If you are charged with burglary, you must defend yourself as effectively as possible in the Idaho court system. To do that you should work only with a well-experienced criminal defense team in Boise, Idaho. Sawtooth burglary defense attorneys immediately start working to negotiate to reduce or drop charges and fight for your freedom in court if necessary.

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