If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges in Idaho, you need the best criminal defense attorney you can get to protect your rights and do everything that can be done to win your case. Contact Sawtooth Defense Lawyers in Eagle, ID, to work with a leading criminal defense lawyer. Our legal team includes the best attorneys in Idaho, with many years of experience in the state and federal courts. We know how to negotiate for significantly reduced charges, and we can even get charges dropped completely in some cases. You should speak to an attorney before you talk to the police.

To discuss your case with an experienced state or federal criminal defense lawyer, call Sawtooth Defense Lawyers, Eagle, ID, at (208) 644-8893.

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Why You Need the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

You will need to contact a reputable criminal defense law firm if you are facing serious charges in the State of Idaho. Having a skilled lawyer in your corner can make it much more likely that you will win in court.

In Idaho, even some misdemeanors, based on the specific charges, can result in big fines and a year in jail. The punishments are much worse if you’re convicted of a felony. With a skilled defense lawyer, you may avoid having a criminal record, paying an extremely large fine, and possibly being sentenced to a long prison term.

Types of Cases We Win for Our Clients

Weapons Charges Drug Possession/Trafficking Veterans Court
White Collar Crimes Juvenile Offenses Mental Health Court
Sex Offender Registry Sex Offenses Moving Violations (DUI)
Violent Crimes Felony Crimes Federal Charges
Misdemeanors Theft / Fraud Charges Domestic Violence

Jaymee Romero
February 10, 2023

Dan has been amazing to work with. When I had no hope he gave me hope! Thank you Dan!

Raedeyn Teton
February 10, 2023

Dan is an amazing attorney and his staff go above and beyond for their clients, especially Ember.

Bobbie Herrera
August 25, 2022

Dan Taylor did an Amazing job. Highly recommend the firm, his team is phenomenal!!

Dylan Clark
August 23, 2022

Dan Taylor is very knowledge and never ceases to amaze me with the results that he consistently delivers

Tony Davis
August 12, 2022

I did extensive research to find an excellent attorney, and was very pleased with this firm! They handled my case with precision and care. They truly go the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of! Highly recommend!

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August 4, 2022
Angel Anderson
August 1, 2022
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August 1, 2022
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March 20, 2022
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January 8, 2021

Protect Your Rights!

If you have been charged with a serious crime in Idaho, you need to protect your legal rights as your top priority and obtain the best possible help to prove your innocence. Your lawyer is your most important advocate during a criminal prosecution. Being on trial is fraught with risks of errors in defense cases and the life-ruining consequences of those mistakes. An experienced defense attorney can develop a winning strategy to keep you from going to jail and paying enormous fines.

Eagle, Idaho, criminal defense lawyer, knows the state law and courts and what it takes to defend you successfully. Your attorney makes sure that all laws and court rules are meticulously obeyed to prevent your case from being negatively impacted by legal or process errors. Your legal representative also works to build the most compelling defense for you and fights for you in court. A highly skilled Eagle criminal attorney can frequently get charges substantially reduced or dismissed entirely.

Criminal Defense Attorney Near Me

We’re one of Eagle’s leading teams of criminal defense lawyers. We know how to protect all of your rights fully and determine winning solutions to your situation. We’re here to guide you throughout the criminal trial process and build the best possible case for your acquittal. Our team is fully focused on defending your reputation and your future.

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