Dan Taylor Sawtooth Defense Lawyers

Dan Taylor, Attorney at Law

Meet Dan Taylor: a seasoned criminal defense attorney who personifies the blend of grit, dedication, and tactical acumen that embodies the team at Sawtooth Defense Lawyers. Over the past two decades, he has secured his reputation as one of the preeminent criminal defense attorneys in the region.

After graduating with a law degree, Dan began his career as a public defender, honing his trial skills and growing his understanding of the complexities of the criminal justice system. His commitment to advocating for his clients and his determination to deliver justice have been his guiding principles since his first day in practice.

Today, Dan is known for his formidable courtroom presence, his thorough understanding of criminal law, and his relentless pursuit of justice for his clients. His expertise covers a broad spectrum of criminal charges, including drug offenses, DUIs, white-collar crimes, violent offenses, and more. He is especially recognized for his ability to dissect a case meticulously, identifying any and every potential avenue for defense.

Beyond his considerable legal acumen, Dan is a firm believer in the importance of clear, open communication with his clients. He ensures every client understands their legal situation, their options, and the potential outcomes. He builds robust attorney-client relationships based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect, enabling him to fight more effectively for his clients' rights and best interests.

In an often daunting legal landscape, Dan's unwavering dedication and passion make him an ally you want on your side. His record of securing dismissals, reduced charges, and acquittals has established him as a formidable advocate and a testament to the caliber of the legal team at Sawtooth Defense Lawyers.

We understand that facing criminal charges can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. With Dan Taylor and the team at Sawtooth Defense Lawyers, you can be assured of an unwavering commitment to your defense. We invite you to contact us for a free legal consultation. This is your opportunity to understand your legal standing, potential strategies, and how we can support you through this challenging time. Together, we can navigate the legal complexities and fight for the best possible outcome. Trust us to be your staunchest defenders and advocates.

Mark Claramunt Sawtooth Defense Lawyers

Mark Claramunt, Attorney at Law

Mark Claramunt primarily practices in criminal defense. He was born in Southern California and is a first-generation immigrant from Argentina and speaks Spanish fluently. He moved to Post Falls, ID in 2015 and then moved to Boise in 2019. He attained his bachelors in 2014 from California State University, Fullerton then graduated from University of Idaho, College of Law.

While in school, he focused on criminal law. Before going to law school, Mark joined the Army in 2009 until his honorable discharge in 2017. He decided to go into criminal defense because he is a bit distrustful of the government and believes that their needs to be checks on government power, which is what criminal defense attorney’s do. He will work hard and diligently to get you the best defense possible and stop the government’s intrusion into your life.