If you find yourself charged with arson in Idaho, you will need the best arson defense lawyer Boise, Idaho, can offer you to build the strongest case possible. As you will see in the information below, the punishments for First Degree Arson in Idaho can be shocking. Sawtooth attorneys have many years of defending people in the Idaho courts. We can help ensure that all of your rights are fully protected throughout the criminal trial process and build the strongest possible case to defend your freedom.

Sawtooth Defense Lawyers in Boise, Idaho, have many years of experience in defending people against arson first-degree charges in the Idaho criminal courts.

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What is First Degree Arson?

Idaho law defines First Degree Arson as illegally and willfully starting a fire or explosion that causes damage to:

  • Any occupied or unoccupied residence.
  • Any occupied or unoccupied structure in which there are usually people present, such as hospitals, prisons, department stores, churches, office buildings, schools, etc.
  • Any structure that the arsonist has reason to believe is being occupied by a person.
  • Any land, with or without a building on it, or any personal property with the intention of deceiving someone to realize financial gain for anyone.

See Idaho Statutes: Arson 1st Degree Idaho 18-802, 2nd Degree Arson 18-803, and 3rd Degree Arson 18-804

What is an Arson Investigation?

An arson investigation is conducted in cases of suspicious fires. These examinations are usually performed by local fire department experts in forensic fire investigation. The investigator works to determine what caused the fire.

Arson investigators have extensive knowledge of fuel types, how various fuels ignite, how fires involving each one will behave as it accelerates, and how each fuel can be expected to impact the growth of a fire.

Effective Defenses Against Arson Charges

Charges of arson are harder to prove in some cases than in others. Evidence at the scene of an arson fire is sometimes difficult to preserve and often subject to being destroyed by weather elements after a fire or even by the firefighting effort. Some defenses against charges of arson include insufficient evidence, having an alibi, or evidence that someone else committed the crime, among other possible arguments.

The wrong outcome in a 1st Degree Arson case can cost you your future. So, be sure to work only with a qualified criminal defense lawyer with a strong track record in the Idaho court system. An experienced criminal defense attorney will build the best possible case for your freedom.

Punishments for First Degree Arson in Idaho

In Idaho, if you are convicted of Arson in the First Degree, you can receive a maximum sentence of 25 years in state prison and a maximum fine of $100,000 or both. So, you will need to work with the best arson defense lawyer Idaho has available to help you avoid these staggering criminal penalties.

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